HI900303 Propeller (3 pcs of chemical resistant propellers) - Add On

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Product information "HI900303 Propeller (3 pcs of chemical resistant propellers) - Add On"

The HI900303 replacement Kynar propellers are for use with the overhead stirrer assembly on the HI901 and HI902C Automatic Titration Systems.

During titrations, the sample being tested should be stirred. The use of an overhead stirrer allows for proper mixing and the sample to be homogenous in consistency and temperature. The stirring of the sample also helps speed up the response time of a sensor in achieving a stable reading, which ultimately leads to a more accurate titration result. The overhead stirrer ensures effective mixing with a selectable speed from 100 to 2500 rpm.

The HI900303 propellers are composed of Kynar, also known as polyvinyl difluoride (PVDF). This material is highly durable and non-reactive, providing excellent chemical resistance for applications using harsh reagents. These propellers can easily be removed from the stirrer shaft when cleaning or replacement is necessary.


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