HI181 Magnetic mini stirrer with electrode...

HANNA HI 181 series (with electrode holder) is compact,...

S$ 273.00 *

HI92150 USB / RS232 Adapter (HI901)

The HI-92150 is a compact adapter for the RS232-USB.

S$ 62.00 *

HI900522 Karl Fischer beaker for HI903

Karl Fischer beaker for HI903

S$ 228.00 *

HI76320 Volumetric Karl Fischer Electrode HI903

Volumetric Karl Fischer Electrode for HI903

S$ 614.00 *

HI900540 O-Ring Set for HI903

O-ring set for Karl Fischer titrator HI903

S$ 84.00 *

HI900527 Septum (5 pcs) for HI903

Septum (5 pcs) for Karl Fischer Titrator HI903

S$ 48.00 *

HI900551 Desiccant (150g) for HI904

Molecular sieves (Desiccant), 150g

S$ 729.00 *

HI900567 HI904 Septum (5 pcs)

Septum (5 pcs) for HI904

S$ 19.00 *

HI900542 HI904 O-Ring set

O-rings set for HI904

S$ 29.00 *

HI900561 Titration Vessel for HI904 (Glass...

Titration vessel for HI904 (glass only)

S$ 150.00 *

HI900303 Propeller (3 pcs of chemical...

The HI900303 is a set of 3 Kynar propellers for the...

S$ 86.00 *

HI731342 Graduated Pipette 2000 µl

2000 µL graduated pipette, for automatic dosage.

S$ 228.00 *

Wash Bottles (5 pcs per pack)

Wash Bottle, Blue closure, 250mL.

S$ 50.00 *

Beaker, low form w/spout (100mL, 500mL & 1L)...

Glass Beaker, low form w/spout. 10 pcs of 100mL, 10 pcs...

S$ 224.40 *

HI731341 Graduated Pipette 1000 µl

1000 µL graduated pipette, for automatic dosage.

S$ 220.00 *