HI763100 Digital conductivity electrode - 4 ring, platinum (edge)

Manufacturer: HANNA Instruments Inc.

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Product information "HI763100 Digital conductivity electrode - 4 ring, platinum (edge)"

HI763100 SMART Digital conductivity electrode - 4ring, platinum with integrated Temperature Sensor (edge)

Electrodes that can be used with Edge are as advanced as the edge itself : a built-in microchip.

CHip stores sensor type, ID and calibration information automatically retrieved by edge once the electrode connected ist.Gespeicherte pH calibration information: Buffer, date, time, offset and slope characteristics of the electrode. Conductivity calibration information: Calibrated conductivity standards, date, time, and cell constant of the sensor. Dissolved oxygen calibration information: standards for the calibration, date, time, altitude and salinity compensation. easy plug in 3.5 mm jack



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